At the age of 31 I have never owned a pet before. Mom always thought the allergy factor would be to much. In 1994 a tiny 6wk old dauschund was given to me by my parents as they felt I needed company while going through a divorce. Harley soon became my life. I hurried home daily from work to be with him (sometimes went home for lunch as well) He went with me everywhere I could take him and was so very protective. We were together almost 8 years and "never had a fight"!! Harley, Munchkin, Doodle Bug you are so missed and loved.

In November 2000 he began having back problems as a lot of dogs of this breed do. Several rounds of steroids later he needed back surgery. I didn't care the cost and didn't even ask when I took him to the surgical center on March 13, 2001. I just wanted my Harley man to be O.K. They told me he had an 85% chance of having a "normal" life after the surgery. The Dr. called after the surgery and said he had an unusual amount of swelling in his spinal cord and we would take it day by day. On day 3 during my 1st daily phone call I asked if I could visit. The nurse didn't want Harley to have separation anxiety so I waited, after all he was supposed to be released the next day. Harley was kept through the weekend and I was so missing him.

On Tuesday(a full week later) I could wait no more I had to see my doodle bug. I was able to take him outside but he was still not using his back legs so they would not release him to come home yet. At 12:45 am, on the first day of spring, Harley left this world. His last act of true faithfulness and love, He waited for my visit before crossing over. I believe he would have waited as long as he needed to just so we could see each other one last time.

I only wish my husband could have seen him but I always told Harley without fail, no matter how much of a hurry I was in, "Love you scooter bug! be good boy" when I left the house so he knew in case anything were to happen, just as he always walked me to the door and gave me that "Hurry Home"look. I have never felt loss like this, to the point that I cant breath when I think of him. He has only been gone 2 days and I cry seeing his photos all over the house. We will bury him with his favorite squeaky toy (a stuffed hot dog) that he slept with, on Sunday. He was truly my best friend and I cant wait until the day we can take endless walks together back and forth to the treat box.

I will miss you more than words. We love you be good boy.

Harley D July 8 1994-March 21 2001

Shauna and Keavan Schroeder

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