Maddie joined our family in May, 1986 and left our family on March 17, 2001.

She came to us in a tiny, white, fuzzy package that was full of energy and personality. She was given to me by a wonderful lady, Madelyn Morgan, with whom I share a deep love for animals. Maddie was named after this special lady and I an forever in debt to her for such a wonderful gift.

For 15 years, Maddie was a loyal, faithful and loving companion. Her spirit was strong and her stubbornness was even stronger. She was a huge dog in a tiny body and if you didn't believe that, just observe her in a confrontation with any dog, no matter the size. She was protective, loving, affectionate and adorable. In spite of the congestive heart failure, constant cough, weight loss, weakness and suffering, she refused to give in, following my steps constantly throughout each day.

On the morning of March 17, 2001, after two days and nights of increased suffering, I put her to rest with the love and support of my wonderful veterinarian, Anthony Holcomb, his wife, Chris and my sister-in-law, Sally Wallace. I miss her terribly, but her spirit is always with me and her memory will live forever in my heart.

Here's to you, Maddie--I love you and I miss you, and so does the rest of your family.

Mom, Melissa, Nana and Maw, Papa Penn, Elizabeth, Eric, Lance and Will, Amanda, Jason and Brittany, Katy, Ricky and Alex, Micah and Stephen, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Sally, Jennifer, Jaime, Paige and Erin, Uncles Jerry and Lester, Shadow, Gwen, Tudie and Lucky

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