Born 1988 put to rest 2001
Old english Sheep Dog

To my mother

To say molly was just a dog would be very unfair to her and my mom. This wonderful creature was my mothers laughs when there was nothing to laugh about. It almost seemed as if she knew when my mother needed a smile and that is when she was at her silliest. You never took molly for a walk she took herself as soon as the leash went on she had it in her mouth running backwards, as if to say I am taking you today. She would ride in the wagon and hang over and bite at the tires and bark. when mom would garden she would try to bite at the shove and always barking. She lived with 4 cats who she as we called it would lord overthem standing over them letting them know who runs the show but would never hurt them. For 13 yrs she was always by my mom side . Mom cared for her like she was her own child.

The last year molly was suffering from arthritis in the hips. To see her deteriorate was heart breaking. Inside she still thought she could run and play but she was cursed with hips that would fail her and give her excruciating pain. Mom gave her pills everyday plus an special diet. It got to the point where she would just fall down and waite for my mother to pick her up. My father helped out alot too. Even with all that molly was going through she still managed to make mom laugh. The last 2 wks was the hardest mom new she had to put her to sleep. But how her mind was still good. Mom had made at least 2apointments to do so but then canceled them. Finally after having a bad night mom made the call .9.45 they said that cut right through her. At 9.45 she had to take her beloved pet to end her life.

She still looks for her after 4 days now. She checks to see if she is Ok. But shes not there. There is an empty space in my moms heart that only Molly could fill. We will always remember Molly with some day again happier thought than now. I know that her suffering is over and ours has just begun.

We miss you Molly

Its better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all.

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