Penny & Cookie

To Penny and Cookie: You two were quite a pair! Always got into trouble together! Remember when you two got out the back yard and got into the burs by the pond? I remember hearing a scratch at the door and seeing both of you sitting on the front porch shivering and crying because of the trouble you got into with the burs! We were lucky to find a groomer that would shave you both down late at night! It took the poor woman all night to shave you guys! What a mess!

Remember all the camping trips? How about the time you two dug a hole in the ground at the camp site going after a gopher! You dug down so far that both of you could fit down that hole and we couldn't reach you to pull you out! Boy did you guys love camping though! Poor Cookie! You had just had puppies and we took all of your puppies camping with us! I know you didn't like being a mom! Penny, you were a great mom! Always took great care of your puppies! I am so sorry that you two had to go through the pain and suffering of your ears, skin and eyes. It was a terrible thing and I wish we could have done more for you. You guys were just suffering so bad towards the end.

Now you are in a better place free of pain and lots of other dogs to play with! If you can find Minners please tell her we all miss her! Give her a lick for us! We are going to miss you both terribly!


Dad, Mom, Connie, Grandma, Karla, Matt, Angel, Snickers, Katie, Max and Gidget.

P.S. The Rodowick family and Missy too!

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