River was a lab cross/samoyed, with some undefined breed in her that we think was maybe german shepard. She was born on River Road in Delta, thus the inspiration for her name, since we wanted her to love to water.

She was a loved companion for over 11 years, always eager to run and swim and chase balls and the neighbour's cat. She loved to roll in the snow (and eat the snow, and dig in the snow) and swim in the ocean, and always was ready to jump in the car for adventures. River came on canoe trips and road trips, chased deer and bear (lucky dog, the bear ran away) hunted rats and raccoons, and her favourite, rolled on any old salmon she would find on the banks of the river. She had a dear heart and never forgot her friends, even if she hadn't seen them in over three years.

I especially miss being able to pat her, and bury my nose in the top of her head for her sweet, dusty, doggy smell. There's an old blanket of hers that I will never want to wash.

River had a sensitivity to my moods that was uncanny. Never wanting me to be sad or angry, she would placate me with a paw, or sit beside me when I was sad and gave me kisses.

She is loved and missed by friends and family, and it will be a while (maybe never) before I'll be able to spread her ashes on the beach where she learned how to swim.

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