Sadie-Grey was a greyhound who lived next door to me. I kept after my neighbors to let me have her if they ever decided they didn't want her anymore & finally the day came, but not until after at least 10 years of living outside in rain sleet or ice storms in a wooden dog house, endless days of not seeing anyone or being loved on as greyhounds enjoy & living w/heartworms.

Once I got her, Sadie-Grey thought she had gone to Dogstar. She lived inside the house on any piece of furniture she wanted to lay on. She became my constant companion, my shadow, my other personality. I loved her so much it ached when I couldn't be at home with her. When I was sick, she was right by my side. She followed me everywhere I went.

After about 4 years though, I knew her time was going to be limited, as greyhounds only live about 15/17 years. But I didn't know it would come so quickly; an akita got hold of her one afternoon. When I heard what was going on in my own yard, I ran to the door & she came running to my arms, covered in blood.

Bleeding perfusely from the neck, I rushed her to a vet. There was nothing we could do, her jugalar vein had been severed, her trachea had been crushed, she was suffocating right before my eyes. I sat on the floor holding her in my arms as the doctor administered the medicine to lay her to rest. My heart breaking the entire time. My soul going with hers, I could not live without my Sadie-Grey. My whole life was turning dark & gray, nothing made any sense anymore. Nothing and nobody meant anything to me, I didn't care if I lost my job, I didn't care how I looked, I sure didn't care how I acted. If anyone said anything to me about being upset or sad, I didn't care, what did they know.

Being a Christian helped me so much to understand, and God guided me to the greyhound adoption kennels close by and I adopted a beautiful fawn female greyhound named Snowy. MBR
I still cry (like right now) over her, Sadie-Grey's pictures are still hanging in my house, at my work and in my billfold. I still talk about her & sometimes compare something she did to the new greyhounds. But she still has a part of my heart with her.

I've had dogs come and go in my life, but none of them loved me like Sadie-Grey.

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