Her name was Sibrina she was one of those dogs that everytime you are around them you can't help but smile. I got her at a rescue, there was about 60 other dogs there but I didn't see any of them just this beautiful green eyed husky mix. Sometimes things are just meant to be and I was meant to know sibrina and I thank God that I did get to know her, she has changed my life.

Any one who ever knew her would have never imagined what she had been thru before going to the rescue, you would have never dreamed that this sweet loving dog was so horribly abused and beat so badlyshe did not have a mean bone in her body. I only had her for a little over a year before I had to put her to sleep. The vet said that because she was hit repeatedly in the throat when she was a pup that it caused a small tear in her esophagus that never fully healed and then she got sick and we tried to treat her with antibiotics but the illness turned into pneaunama and then the tear got infected and she couldn't eat or even drink and i had to put her down i do thank God that all this did happen quickly so that she did not suffer long

she deserved to have a long happy life she may not have had a very long life but i do know that while she was with me she was very happy and i was happy just knowing i had her to come home to

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