A Tribute by Pat McManus

My Bo left this world on February 3, 2001. Even before hearing the results of his blood test from the previous day, I knew it was time to release him from his suffering. I am comforted in my grief by the knowledge that he is in a new and perfect world-happy once again and, for the first time ever, completely healthy.

Dearest Bo, please find our family's and friends' furbabies who went to Rainbow Bridge before you and have fun playing with them. I know you will love them, too; you are all missed very much.

Thank you, Bosie, for your love and devotion to your furpals Betsy and Tia, to Dad, and to me. I think of you many times a day, and especially in the evenings when the stars illuminate the sky.

Keep watch at the Bridge, Bosie, for one day-if God will allow me- you will look up and *see* me approaching the Bridge and you will *hear* me excitedly calling your name!!

My Bo.......I will always love you......Pat

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