Jess was my best friend in the whole wide world.

She came from the Border Collie rescue centre and I was only six when we chose her. She was this tiny black and white bundle of fur huddled in the corner of her cage, whenever she would try and come to the front, this other dog in the cage with her would growl and make her go back. She just looked at us with big brown puppy eyes and she stole our hearts.

She spent eight years with me and my family, and there was hardly a single time when she didn't wag her tail from sheer delight of just being alive. She was full of energy and health but her life was cut short in the morning of Saturday 6th November 1999. She got run over by an idiot speeding down the main road when her and my dad were crossing it coming back from the shops. I wasn't there and all i know was that it wasn't messy and she died quickly.

When I woke up, the vet was downstairs and she told me that Jess had died. I cried so much it hurt. Her body was in the garage and I went alone to go and say my goodbyes. I couldn't believe she'd gone, she just looked like she was sleeping, and I got a rose from the front garden and placed it on her.

She slept in my room the night before after falling alsleep on my bedroom floor when I was doing maths homework. She was getting really worried about the fireworks because it was bonfire night and she hated loud noises. I can remember holding her in my arms that night and telling her everything was Ok. Early the next morning, before she went out for her final walk, I half woke up and saw her sitting by the door and she saw me wake up and started wagging her tail. My hand was hanging over the side of my bed, and she walked over and licked it before going to lay back down. I soon fell asleep again. That was the last time I ever saw her alive.

Although she's gone, she is still with me and I think about her always.

~~I love you Jess, more than words can say, and I know we will be together again someday. Until then, look after yourself and don't stop chasing the clouds.~~

Loads of Love
Faye (and family)

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