(6/1/94 - 5/25/2001)

In memory of little Kaysie who was reunited today
with her mom, Kaysie, and her dad, Bassie

A new star's been hung in the heaven's tonight,
shining brightly, just over the hill
it's there, very close to those other two stars
you can't miss them, all three, if you're still.

You see the two stars that look just alike?
well, that one's Kaysie's mom on the right
and the bright, little one just the other side of her
is her dad, Bassie, who shines proudly tonight.

But the clearest new star in the heavens tonight
is that new one, that's right in between,
that one's little Kaysie, what a beautiful sight
with no doubt, she's the brightest we've seen.

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