It's May 30th, 2001 and I lost my dog Shadow yesterday May 29th. I'm sitting at my computer trying to find something to fill the void and this is the site that I was led to. I believe that Shadow is in heaven with my mom and dad who also passed away this year. It's been a horrible year for me and this is another large loss in my heart.

Shadow was born in July, 1987. He was a terri-poo puppy that I paid $15 for and begged my husband to let me keep him. I had never had a dog of my own before and this was definitely my dog. Everywhere I went he followed me. Every time I got in my car he was with me. I feel so alone in my house tonight. He's not in his little corner and he's not begging to go outside. We burried him in our back yard and I wish I could dig him up but I know I can't. He was such a chubby short legged black little dog. I wish I had a scanner so that I could show you all how cute he was. He was graying quite a bit - he was 14 years old. But his heart gave him a lot of trouble in the last few months. He was dying of congestive heart failure at the same time my mother was dying of the same disease. It doesn't seem fair to lose so much in so short of a time.

I love my dog dearly and hope that some day I can have another dog that is even half as good as Shadow was. Anything I write here doesn't seem enough to express my feelings or what a dog he was.

Diane from Canada

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