Sir Austin Cooper

Oct. 1988 to May 2000

Cooper came to us in 1995 when his previous owner could no longer keep him. He was a purebred dark golden retriever who was more human than dog. He slept with a pillow under his head and covered with a blanket. He was a joy to watch and a true friend. He could make you smile when nothing else could. He was a joy to know and a joy to love and he is sadly missed by all who knew and love him.

He was put to rest in May 2000 as his hips had gone out and he could not even stand without assistance. When he was put to rest he was at his other home. We used to kennel him at 4 Paws Boarding Kennel in Blair, Wisconsin and he loved it there so, running and playing there like a puppy until his hips went out but just laying around when we had him so we gave him to the wonderful lady who runs the kennel and she gave him the best home ever right up until the end.

He is laid to rest in her small pet cemetery where her beloved dogs that have died all are laid to rest.

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