We each had our own name for you - son and angel - and you were certainly those to both of us. The pain of knowing that we will not be able to touch you or even see you again brings about enormous pain and almost gushing tears. But we want you to know that you will forever be a part of us, both in our memories and in our hearts, until the day that we are all joined together in heaven where you are now. God could not have created a more loving little angel and friend than you were and still are to us. And in spite of the pain, we thank Him for allowing you to find us and then share your unconditional love for eighteen wonderful years. You would never have won a blue ribbon for "best in show", but every day you wore a gold medal for "best on earth."

All the treasured memories of you bring both smiles and tears to our grieving faces, but in time, the pain will lessen and the smiles will grow broader. The world truly is a better place because you were here.

Have fun romping with your brothers who preceded you and all the other animal friends that you join in your new home where there is no pain, but only happiness and joy. You are our star; you are our love; you are our one and only Unamuno. Until we meet again!

Mommy and Daddy

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