born- 9-29-94
passed- 7-26-2001

B-jay was more then just a dog he was like a son to me. He stayed by my side and saved my life two different times. I will miss him and there will be a great pain in my heart and soul for him.

B-jay was such a loyal companion. I have suffered from a panic-anxiety disorder for sometime now and no matter what I would be going through he was always there to lend a paw :) just letting me know it would be OK.. He knew me so well, my moods, he did what ever it took to keep my spirits going...

I lost my Best Friend to Heart worms ... by the time we caught it, it was too late... I know he is resting now and chasing those cats. (he pretended not to like them but I know he did)

maybe in time I will be able to share apart of my heart again. but there will never be another B-jay.

I will love and miss you son

Love, Mommy

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