Ferguson & Freddie

Ferguson (left) - 1986-2001 ** Freddy (right) - 1986-1996

These are my beautiful boys, Fergie and Freddy, brothers to be exact. They had very different personalities, Ferguson being hyper and friendly, Freddy being quiet, guarded and very weary of strangers, but both loved equally for their qualities.

We lost Freddy in 1996, his death was painful and unexpected, but his death was somehow eased by the love of his brother.

Fergie was reunited with his brother in Heaven in July 2001. His death was very hard to accept, but we're coping with his loss. Even in his weakened old-age, Fergie was always in high-spirits and always managed a tail wag when greeting his family.

Both our good boys are missed and will be remembered fondly...


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