We put out dog, Jake, to sleep tonight. He had cancer and he decided that it was time for him to go.

Last night, it was very hot so we got a blanket and laid it out on the grass in the backyard. Jake, Jeff, and I laid on the blanket and gazed up at the stars for a couple of hours. Today we went to Jake's favorite park and he played until he could not play anymore. Then tonight, he refused dinnner. He sat on my lap for about 1/2 hour. He got off and went and cuddled with Jeff for some time. He then just gave up both a look that just said, "Mom and Dad, it is time for me to go."

We took him to the vet and stayed with him until the end. He was happy, but was struggling to breath.

Tonight was the first bad night and although we knew we could keep him for a few more, it just did not seem right to not grant his wish.

We love him and will always remember him.

Teresa and Jeff

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