Lucky was born on May 11, 1994. A very special puppy was he, for that was my mothers birthday. Upon his birth Lucky had many health problems, and his mother new because with in 12 hours she had kicked him out of the litter and refused to feed him.

I couldn't watch this precious baby starve to death, so I began bottle feeding him. With in 2 weeks he developed phenomena . my mother and I took turns getting up every 2 hours to give him his breathing treatments. When we took him back to the Doctor for his first shots the Doctor called in all of her staff to see him. She told us that he was truly "Lucky" to have us. She didn't expect him to live.

When he was 9 months old he had to have emergency surgery on his intestines, I slept on the floor for a week so that he could have our bed to himself.

On Sunday July 15, 2001 I had to rush him to the Doctor once again. The next day he was diagnosed with kidney failure. I went immediately to the vet's office to see him. He was so weak he couldn't even stand. He was so excited to see me. He looked up at me as if to say " Goodie mommy's here to get me ".

That had to be the worst moment of my life. I stayed with him and hugged him close as the Dr. gave him the injection. He died peaceful in my arms. Not only was Lucky's birth special, but his death was also.

He died on my son's third birthday and at the exact same time my son came into this world Lucky was set free from his pain. In my heart he will live on, for I was "Lucky" to have known the soul he carried with him home.

Mommy loves you Lucky ducky!

With Love, Mommy

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