Nestle, I will miss:

Driving in the car with you on my lap hanging your head
out the window with your tongue hanging out.

Coming back to my car and finding little
nose prints on the window that you left.

Going for jogs and walks with you and letting you roam free.
I know you LOVED that!

When you would lick my leg and arms.

Seeing you beg for food with your droopy eyes.
I was a sucker all the time!!

Hearing you howl when someone would leave the house.

Lying beside you and snuggling.

Watching you chew on a bone.

Hearings Paul's "voice" that he gave you.

Letting you lie on the bed and couch with me
(Paul hated this - but I did it anyway).

Being followed by you throughout the house.

The way you would scrape your feet after you took a dump.

After a bath, watching you slide on the carpet and against the couch.

You are sooooo sweet. I love you dearly!

Goodbye Noogie.

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