5/26/01 - 7/27/01

My beloved Rocky, your life was so short on earth, you went to the Rainbow Bridge at a very early age, just 2 months old. You came into this world on May 26 with a birth defect that was hidden so well that even you didn't complain. You grew not only in body and spirit, but in the hearts of everyone your touched. You played with the adult Pei's and thoroughly enjoyed your toys. A better Puppy could not have been asked for, your kisses were so sweet and your tail never stopped wagging.

God saw fit to call you home, guess he knew something we here couldn't even guess. Maybe he knew you were in pain which you never showed. Oh, how I pray that our companions would show us their paid so we could help, but as I've learned, our companions have something built in them that they are only to please us and not show pain.

What is truly sad is you never got to know the new parents you were to go to. They loved you so much with just seeing pictures of you and me telling them about you. They never had the pleasure of watching you play with your toys and the cute things you did.

Dear Rocky, you have left an empty space in our hearts that will always be there. Oh, we may go on with our lives, we may obtain another Puppy, but Dearest Rocky, none can replace you nor should they. I pray that you are playing with the toy that I placed with you when we laid you to rest. I pray that you have found peace and are happy at the Rainbow Bridge.

I know some day we shall be reunited and that you are waiting at that wonderful Rainbow Bridge for us to be reunited once again.

Betty Cameron - Mommy

Andres and Laura Aradillas-Lopez - the new Daddy and Mommy you never met.

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