My dog was sent to heaven on July 19th.. Her name is Taxi, she is a beagle who lived to be almost 9 years old.. Aug. 21,1992-July 19th, 2001. She led a full life..

Taxi was a very friendly, happy dog who loved everyone and who also was very loyal to me. She was the type of dog that gave you lots of licks and wags her tail when you walk into a room.. She was great to her sister Boo-Boo (a black lab) and she was great with my 2 kids.. Taxi loved to dig holes and lay in them, she also loved to lay in my kid's sandbox..

Her favorite thing to do was sleep and eat.. My husband and family will miss her deeplyl.. She is already missed and has left an impact on our lives that we will never forget..

We love you Taxi ...

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