Ginger & Rocky

We had you for so long, Over ten years as a matter of fact. And now you will have a stars with Ruby. We had you Ginger for 9 1/2 years. You were a devoted dog to us, especially dad and protected our house. I will never forget the time you ran the person who was skulking around the cars & house down the drive & up the street. You protected Me and Raelynn all those years when Daddy was out of town. We love you and miss you. Every time I feed the others I think of you. Trusted companion, you are missed.

Rocky, you were the best cat any one could have. You were so lovably and wanted attention all the time when we were sitting outside. Gentle as a kitten, yet tough as could be. Coming home on two legs once with a busted rib, hair missing in big globs on your body, but you pulled thru with flying colors. You were nine years old when we put you down. We got you as a kitten that someone didn't want, dumped on the side of the road, they were stupid, for you were a trusted friend and great hunter of vermin. You are indeed missed.

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