Honey my full blood beagle, my best friend, the love of my life, my shadow, my everything. Passed on today at 1300.

Anywhere I went, Honey went. If I wasn't feeling well, she'd cuddle up w/ me. She was my baby. I couldn't imagine my life without her. I still can't.

I found Honey when she was 4 years old. She had escaped an abusive owner. I suppose she found her home with me before I even knew it. Having been a hunting dog, she had never been indoors, but the first night I had her my mom came to me at about 0230 to get her to stop barking! I brought her to my bedroom, not sure what to expect. She slept at the foot of the bed ALL night and when she wanted to go out, she let me know.

She stole my heart. She was my riding buddy. When I went away on trips or vacation, I didn't get "home sick", I got "Honey sick" I missed her so much. We went through so much together. She made coming home worth while. And there was no doubt that she was MY dog!! No one could brib her away!!

I still can not believe how fast she went from being full of energy and heathly to being deathly ill. I sat with her in her kennel at the vets from the time they opened until they closed. She had never been in a kennel before. I didn't want her to think I had left her. We had a few good days at home with her again before she went down hill fast. I did decide to let her go today; Sept. 15th, 2001. She had started to suffer. She had to suffer the first 4 years of her life, I wasn't about to let her suffer the end of her life. I held her and cried along with my husband and my mom (better known as *Grammy* to Honey). I feel empty inside. All that is there is pieces of a heavy heart. I know I'll see her again. Until then I will be missing her dearly.

Honey my love- I love you far more than you will ever be able to know. You gave me far more than any human is worthy of. For that I thank you.

We love you!!

Mom & Dad, Grammy & Grampy and the rest of the pack you left behind, especially your bud, Wolfie.

Close your eyes now,
my longtime friend,
and let this time of suffering
come to a peaceful end.
We'll walk together soon, I'm sure,
as winter turns to spring,
when snow gives way
to budding leaves
and birds begin to sing.
The gentle breeze
shall call your name
along the water's edge.
For what we shared
and what you meant
shall never be forgot.
Your friendship spans
the years behind
your memory ahead.
You'll always be
there next to me,
companion and good friend.

Written by: Tony D'Agnese

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