Jamie, you were the joy of my life. No better dog has ever chased a seagull, trotted along a river trail, rode joyfully in the car, or greeted me at the beginning or end of the day. I miss your expressive eyes, your puppy-like face, the feel of your fur, holding your fat paws, and watching you run like a little bear cub down the beach. I want you to know how hard I tried to keep you fit and healthy, despite your skin allergies, and your spine degeneration. You were always tough and stoic through numerous vets, hospital stays, weekly shots, and daily pills.

I'm so sorry that the lymphoma was just more than we could fight, my girl. I'm so glad that in the last year Paul became "The Dad" and you two spent many quality hours together. He loves you, too, you know, and misses you every day.

We will never forget you, ever, and can't wait to be with you again.

Wait for us, Best Friend.

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