Born: 25/6/95
Died: 24/6/01
Breed: Siberian Husky

In 6/24/01 I lost the best friend I ever had. She was suffering for 13 days and she rested on a Sunday afternoon, one day before her sixth birthday. Few days ago she had come to my dream and shaid goodbye to me by talking to me...

She told me that I was the best girl of the world and I told her that she was the best dog of the world and she slept in my arms. Almost like this happened in reality.

She is in her Home know and waits for me. I promised I will be with her again, and no matter how long it will take, for her it will be like one day. Just one day.

I asked her to come to my dreams whenever she wants and that I will be always here waiting for her. And when I will go there we will never be apart again.

She was my Siberian Husky, the best friend I ever had, the best dog of the world, and I had told her that one month before she got sick. I just wanted her to know it. I think she understood it. I hope that she was happy with me because I was happy with her.

She was my Norma.

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