We would like to remember our family dog, Rocky. We unfortunately had to put him to sleep on August 24th. Rocky was a beautiful 12 year old lab/pointer mix with an adorable black and white face with one black ear and one white ear. I was with him when he died and it was the most comforting and peaceful experience. My husband, our two young sons and I miss him terribly, but we take comfort in knowing that he died while looking into loving eyes.

I have so much emptiness in my heart and have trouble coping with the day to day change in routine. You don't realize how much a dog is a part of you and your life until they are no longer there. I find myself cutting up left over steak, but there's no one there to surprise with it. I miss him barking and wagging his tail, waiting for his "good morning" cookies after I drop the boys off at school. Rocky died three days before my little boy started kindergarten and now it's so quiet without either of them here with me.

I miss you, my beautiful boy and I hope you are at peace. Don't hate us for what we had to do, it was the hardest decision of our lives. The boys love you and have the pictures we took of you with them the night before you left us. I framed them and put them next to their beds.

You will always be a part of our lives and we thank you for the happiness and love you brought to our lives. Be happy and rest well Rockafeller. We will never forget you, pup.

R,C,Z & E

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