Willie: There was only one and there will never be another one like him.

My mother-in-laws black lab who's name was "Willie" and was 14 yrs old had to be put to sleep this morning. She called me with the news around 9am..This dog was so precious and there will never be another one like him. This dog watched over both my kids when they were babies and even now as teens...he is going to be sadly missed by us all even by his "brothe" a chocolate lab "Hank" and max his adopted "brother" mixed breed.

Willie gave and gave so much to the family, he loved to drink my coffee( he would sneak it..while looking u straight in the eyes he would have his tongue out to side in the cup), loved to rub his muzzle into your hands and sit at your feet as long as you let him. Even as big as he was (at his heaviest due to thyroid a whopping 180lbs)he thought he should sit in your lap. He was loving, affectionate, lovable, patient dog. Highly intelligent, loyal, willing, and high-spirited.

Willie - Thanks sweetie for being there for me and the kids. We all love and will miss you.

There are so many memories with this dog, that he created all on his own...

Goodbye Sweet Willie!!!

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