Haley's Comet

Haley, what a sweet girl you were and what a sad little life you had. Born into the world of racing greyhounds, it didn't get much better when you finally retired. You were bounced from 2 homes from people who you thought loved you for silly reasons. You went through several foster homes before we finally brought you to your forever home.

We had some rough patches as you tried to adjust to everything and you learned to trust again. But we became a wonderful family and you realized you finally found true love. But we only had you 4 months when you were ripped away from us for reasons we still do not understand. I know you are at the Rainbow Bridge now and we will see each other again. But I miss you everyday and so do my children and your best friend, Bullet the Poodle.

We buried you under your favorite tree and we are planting a garden around you that will be a beautiful tribute to you when we finish. We are going to call it Haley's Garden.

Rest easy, little girl. We miss you and we will love you forever. Love, Mommy

August 28, 1996- August 24, 2001

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