Dusty Davis

DUSTY DAVIS 02-07-91 to 09-20-01

Dusty was one of a kind, and he always knew how to get what he wanted whether it be a treat, cookies or to go for a walk or a car ride. He loved going in the car with us, and would get so excited when we asked him if he wanted to go. He loved it when company would come over and would get so excited and couldn't wait to get to the door to see who it was. If you were a stranger though you had better beware, he didn't much like strangers and would let them know.

He always knew when he did something wrong and would come to one of us begging for forgiveness, it was so cute. Playing with his stuffed wale, or playing Frisbee was he favorite games. I'll miss you standing beside me in the kitchen when I was making dinner, just waiting for yours. We'll even miss your quiet barks in our ears when we were sleeping because you wanted outside.

And talking about being outside, some nights you just did not want to come back in and would just lay there looking around. Its a good thing that the fence was 6 feet tall otherwise the squirrels wouldn't have had a chance at getting away from you.

Dusty, you were a terrific dog, a great friend and protector. We love you and we'll all miss you so much. Your buddy Winston (the cat), misses you lots too, he doesn't have anyone to pester any more. We will NEVER forget you.

Your family

Pat, Ed, Cindy, Gregg, Steve and Winston
and your extended family and friends

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