Gothic found me back in "June 1997".

I went to the pet store to take another dog to be bathed and be groomed. While he was being taken care of, I was just going through the store looking at the animals. When I got to the back, way in the back, I saw a horrible sight.

There was a dog in one of the bottom cages all cover in a rash, hair missing from his body, and both of his eyes were swollen and discolored. I just started talking to the puppy and saying, don't worry I am gonna get you out of here.

I spoke with one of the workers and he told me to speak to the manager. As soon as I saw the manager walking my way, I ran to him, asking about the puppy. The manager explained to me that he was a "shih tzu" around 5-7 months old, I asked him if he was going to take him to the vet and he told me no, but that if i wanted him I would have to buy something from the shop. I brought a leash and collar (total $11)

Me and the new "puppy" left that nasty pet shop and never went back. (I also reported them to the ASPCA, who in turn told me they have had a lot of complaints about that shop, to this day they are still opened).

I found a name right away for him, "Gothic". I took him to the vet the next day, turns out that he had a really bad rash over his whole body, he had to be shaved so the medicine could be applied all over. His eyes, well one of them was ulcerated and blind, the other was infected but we were able to save some of his sight (about 40-60%).

A year later, another tradegy, he was walking in the hallway of my apartment and I guess he hit his head at the wrong spot and the eye he could see out off popped out. It was laying on his face. I was frantic. I took him to the pet emergency room and they had to remove it. So, he has been totally blind most of the time I have had him.

But, he is my buddy, we are never seperated from each other, where ever I go he goes (well not to work). If I go away for a weekend, he comes with me. He lets me know everyday how much he loves me. As soon as I walk in the house he is barking away. If anyone comes next to me he gets very protective. Actually, I think everyone that knows me has been either bitten or attacked by him. He's a knee bitter. Hey all I can say is, everyone was warned about my Gothic.

My youngest daughter has been bitten by him and she has never liked him since, but once I told her that I was goin to be putting him to sleep, she says "I don't like him, but I don't want you to put him to sleep either, he is your friend, and I know you will miss him" She is 7 now.

He will be put to sleep this Friday, October 5 at 11:15am. The problem started 2 weeks ago, he started having a hard time walking around, so I took him to the vet thinking it was just a sprain back leg. Turns out that he must have had some kind of a trauma to his spine that made one of his disc slip (the vet thinks, it could have been from jumping off the bed?). There's a lot of swelling and it's getting worse. He was given antibotics and steroids to take for the next week,, in hopes that the swelling may go down and he can get the function back in his back legs. Well, this has not happened, and it is getting worse. So, instead of me being selfish and trying to keep him with me, I have made this very hard and painful decision. I don't know what I will do without him, but I know I will miss him very, very much. No one could ever come between me and my Gothic.

I am missing his barks right now, he doesn't bark anymore, he doesn't come up on my bed. He only stays next to my bed. If I pick him up to put him on the bed, he whines because I guess I hurt him. So, I just don't pick him up anymore. I just lay on the floor next to him to pet him. His food and water are now placed at the front of my bed. And my room has now become his bathroom because he can't walk.

I will miss him more then anything, and I will think of him always. I am so happy that I was able to give him a good life while he was with me,, he was the spoiled pampered puppy that he was meant to be.. Anything to make him HAPPY.

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