April 2, 1989 - September 3, 2001

Inka came into our lives and made us a family. She always made sure we were rounded up together and cuddling. She didn't like it if we ever fought, and would bark and make us realize that we had to stop being angry with one another.

She was very popular wherever we went, and always found someone taking her picture or giving her snacks or a petting. She loved the attention, and knew that she would get it anywhere she went. She gave us a proud feeling all the time. Through the years, we came to understand that she was a messenger of love and we discovered many things about ourselves that no human ever taught us before.

She touched us deeply, and brought out in us sheer magic that we never knew was possible. We realized love's meaning on the deepest levels we've ever experienced and for that we honor and respect her with all of our heart and soul. She is worthy of the greatest reward for having accomplished that with so many lives here on earth.

She is truly a champion and an Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill.

Bless her always.

We miss our little baby girl so much. She was our whole world and our greatest teacher of love for 12 1/2 years. We pray that she is in heaven, playing with all her favorite toys and eating all her favorite snacks.

We pray that she is with the best of friends and that she's loving them right back too. Nothing has ever touched our hearts this deeply, as our Inka did for us.

Inka we love you so much baby girl! You are like a daughter to us and you will always be in our hearts forever more. No one can ever take your place, and we will always honor your beauty and grace. We love you always. Be well and happy, love!

Mommy and Da
Yvonne and Robert

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