The sweetest dog I ever knew. You were a big gentle giant, with such a sweet disposition. It made me smile to see your beautiful face and your floppy ear. You first came to us through the Humane Society. My mom and dad saw you and took you without hesitating. You were with them for many years until they passed away.

Then you came to me, to live with me and my little family of animals. I grew to love you best of all. Who would have known a big shepherd like you could be so loving and sweet. I always called you my "Beautiful Girl". And your had so much heart.

Even when your legs grew weak and your hips were bad you would still want to walk with us. I didn't mind that you trailed so far behind because your heart was there. I remember the little sparrow in the back yard that you were curious about. You followed it, not hurting it, just turned around and pecked your nose and made you jump back but you still didn't hurt it.....that's how sweet and gentle you were.

This picture shows how loved you were with your friend the kitty. I am sure I will miss you for many years my sweet girl. But you are with your original owners now playing frisbee.

Good-Bye to a great will be in my heart forever....

I Love You.

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