Mindy Ternovan, Age 14 years
Died 20 September 2001

Mindy was our English Springer Spaniel that we saved from a Humane Society in Northern Ontario in 1988. She immediately became our first child. She slept at the end of our bed for the past 14 years.

Our two boys were born after we had Mindy in our home. They had Mindy as their sister throughout most of their childhood. Mindy was healthy most of her life until about year 12 when we noticed her slowing down a bit due to arthritis.

Mindy never bit anyone and was loved by all who knew her. Mindy never wandered far away from home and always greeted visitors in our home with love and enthusiasm.

Mindy loved the water in her younger days and as she gracefully aged she loved laying down in front of our fireplace in our home for hours on end. Mindy was trooper to the end, but in her final days she could not walk and her time had come for her final visit to the veterinarians office. Mindy gave us precious memories filling our hearts with joy and laughter.

Mindy was put to sleep on 20 September 2001, we were with her to the very end. Being with her in the end was the least we could do for our loyal friend for the past fourteen years. We will miss her dearly.

Godspeed Mindy Ternovan.

Todd and Beth Ternovan

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