Samoyed/Collie/German Shepherd/Husky mix

Trapper, you were my baby and my best friend. You brightened my life at a time when nothing else was going right. You were more like a child to me than a dog. The day my father brought you home to me changed my life. When no one else would take care of you, I was always there for you.

When my parents tried to get rid of you, I fought tooth and nail and begged as I have never begged before and you stayed with me in the end, just as you were meant to. You gave me a wonderful 13 years and remained a puppy all the way until the end. You passed so peacefully and I got to share it with you.

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to love you. I miss you always.

October 16, 1984- February 17, 1997

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