Bennett was a pound puppy. Born on January first,i got him through the humane society nine weeks later. He was a birthday gift outwardly, even though i had begged my parents for a dog for years. He was a collie mix. Black, and tan with a white blotch on his back-side, which soon led him to be affectionatly called "thunder-bird-butt".

He was my first dog and one i know will always be my favorite. He was wonderfully smart. He mastered sit in half an hour, and learned dozen of other tricks. He always was there, from when i got home, to my parents divorce, right up until the very end.

Living on a highway i was always paranoid. I did everything i could to keep him from the road. Maybe too much. Because the road was so off limits if he ever got loose it was the first thing he went for. On saturday the 10, 2001 bennett ran into the road and was killed. the vet said it broke his neck, and he died instantly. He was loose because, ironic as it was, i was putting up a new fence to keep him safe, the metal ring on his leather collar broke, and the rest was inevitable.

After he died we buried him in the park. Even though it was illegal. he loved the park, i put him under a dogwood tree. A little squirrl watched the whole time. i like too think he still watches over bennett. Naturally i thought of all the, "I should haves" in the world. i know it won't bring him back. I just wish he could know how much i miss him. anyway, i am slowly moving on.

he was my first pet, and dog, he will always hold wonderful but painfilled memories. in time i hope to be able to look at the over four hundred pictures with out bursting into tears. But the point is just basiclly to tell how much i care and always will about my little baby boy, bennett.

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