Deshka, our first baby and dearly loved friend. Passed away Oct. 19, 2001. We had a wonderful life together starting out when we got you. Picking you out from your brothers and sisters playing in the old tree at Mr. Parker's house in Anchorage, Alaska. You were the strong willed bully of the bunch. Wondering if we should take you back after not sleeping for several nights having to sleep with my hand in your kennel at night to keep you from howling.

You turned out to be the kindest, most loving, gentle thing I have ever know (although still bull headed). You were able to make friends everywhere you went. People always wanting to pet you and anyone who gave you a pat was your new best friend. You were always the center of attention. We had so many great adventures together from sledding, snow shoeing, playing in your plastic pool on hot days, taking long walks in the mountains, going to Grandpa's, just hanging around and so on...

You were our only baby for so many years (a spoiled one at that!) Then the twins came. Thanks for being so watchful over them with strangers and loving and kind. As they grew they certainly deserved a good biting at times and you would just give them a warning bark and get up and move.

We miss you dearly and have a void in our broken hearts. We think of you constantly and the twins keep asking when you are coming home. Even though they don't fully understand at 2 yrs they know you are someplace good. Keep Grandpa Carlyle company. (Don't let him feed you to much banana cream pie!) Enjoy your time at the Rainbow Bridge we look forward to seeing you soon and being together for all time.

My heart is broken as I can't believe you are gone but I am filling it looking back on all our great memories.

We love and miss you dearly,

Mom, Dad, Alex & Zach, & Grandma Jerilynn

Our Deshka Dog

June 6, 1990 to October 19, 2001

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