Harriet Gum & Emma Sue

Harriet Gum, my big black Momma dog, came all the way from Austin, Texas with me over ten years ago to find fame and fortune out in Los Angeles, California.

Well, we never found that but we did find Emma Sue, a beautiful Boxer at the veterinary clinic I began volunteering at after the film work dried up. I had no idea I would have to let you go Harry, before Emma, after she was diagnosed with the cancer. I suspect you knew how much she needed you and thus you went first to make sure everything would be perfect for her arrival. She missed you terribly when you left and I wasn't surprised that the chemo stopped working and she decided to follow you only two short weeks later.

You are both resting comfortably behind the swing and I place fresh flowers on your grave that remind me of each of you.

First I put a vibrant rose for you Harry and then a beautiful purple and white delicate flower that I have forgotten the name of but it reminded me so much of your elegance and strength. Emma is a tiny yellow Gerber daisy. There is a red wooden bird flying above you and Emma has a yellow butterfly.

Atticus wants to bug you and Possum isn't quite sure what to think about being the only dog so suddenly. Emma, Stripe misses the soft fur of your chest that you so sweetly let him rub against. I miss you most.

I love you girls. Thank you for all that you gave me. I hope Bob and Lala are with you too. I will arrive some day and I long to kiss and hug all of you again.

Please come visit me in my dreams!

Your Mommy,

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