Jem passed on this morning from heart failure. She was a great dog, 16 years old. She was such an important part of our family, she will be so missed.

She never demanded attention, never chewed anything, never ran away, never caused any trouble, she was the perfect dog.

I will miss seeing her lying on her comforter in the closet, i still look in there to see if she is looking up. I will miss her bark and her zest for playing with toys, especially tennis balls.

How can you say goodbye to 16 years of your life?

She was healthy until the end. Just 2 short days ago, we noticed her breathing hard. The vet tried to save her, but she quietly passed in her sleep. Thats the best way, I believe. I asked God that if he was to take her, please take her in her sleep. I just wish we could have really said goodbye. When we left the vets office, we really thought she would pull through, and she would be coming home.

So Jem, this is goodbye my sweet dog, my sweet "yemmy". You were a great dog for 16 loyal years. I hope Cooler is showing you the way up there and now your dog stars are up in the sky forever, together, like you were down here on earth for so many years. You two be healthy again, and dont let Cooler boss you around! Take care of each other, and when we all meet again, it will be so joyous, just like it was here on earth, our first two "babies" and us.

Rest in peace sweet Jem, we love you and will always love you, forever.

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