1996 - 2001
Great Dane

Forever in Our Hearts

This is my Kayla. I cannot imagine my life without her, but it appears I don't have a choice. For 7 short years, she was my constant companion. With me through the good times, and the bad. Walking me across the yard to the garage every morning, greeting me at the door every night. It is such a long walk now. So when it had to be, I made sure that I was there, with my Kayla when it was her time to go through that door, to Rainbow Bridge. I know in my heart that when it is time, that I will be with her again.

Kayla, I love you so much. I take great comfort in knowing that you knew that! I miss you so desperately already. In time the tears will stop, but never the love that we felt for each other. This is your everlasting gift to me. So run and play, be healthy and young! And wait, for the day that we are together again, walking in heaven.

Miss Kayla 1996 - 2001


Wait for us at Rainbow Bridge! We will forever and always miss your talking to us, your cheeky expressions, sneaking onto the bed, and just being there with us! Our home is not the same, nor will it ever be. We cherish the 7 years that we spent together, and would never trade them, even if it meant not feeling the pain of your absence.

We will love you always, and your pawprints will always remain on our hearts. Untill we see you again Princess Pea!

Kell & Dave

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