Snickers was not a pure bred dog, in fact, we bought her from a guy on the street who had a sign up that said, "HUNTIN' DAWGS." She was so little when we brought her home, and so scared!

She eventually warmed up to us and enjoyed being in our laps. She played with the kids and was always ready for a pet and a good head rub.

She had a good friend across the street that she played with everyday, a beautiful yellow lab named Sheba. It was when she ran home from Sheba's house that a van struck her and killed her instantly. We were devestated. We have never felt such strong emotions about a pet before. We love her very much and can't wait to see her in heaven. She was a blessing to us all.

There is such an emptiness in our home now. We try to remember her in the small things we do, but we still are hurting so much it is really hard.

Goodbye Snickers, we love you.

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