Ashley (1995-2001) was a six year old Maltese who succumbed to GME (Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis), a rare and always fatal inflammatory brain disease of unknown origin. With the help of Dr. Curtis Dewey, the neurologist at Long Island Veterinary Specialists, Ashley bravely fought this tragic illnes for three months. In the end, the pain was too great and we had to let her go.

We got her after Joy's dad, Joe, passed from cancer. This little, energetic, 7 pound ball of white hair helped us through that sad time and stood by as as the kids grew and moved on with thier lives. She was so deeply embedded in our hearts and gave us so much joy that we don't know how we will go on without her. At least now her pain is over and she is with dad as well as Pepper (German Shepard), Lady (Cocker Spaniel) and Charmer (Toy Poodle) who have gone before her. We miss her. Tiffany, our daughter Mary's Yorkshire Terrier, misses her constant companion and playmate too.

Ashley, we loved you more than words can say. You will be a part of us always.

Mommmy, Daddy, Mary & Tiffy.

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