Boomer March 13th 1991- January 11th 2002

You were 6 weeks old when we brought you home. You brought joy into our home with one glance. Through the years we loved you, even when you tore up some expensive things. Your personality was unique, and they way you acted always put a smile on my face. In good times and in bad, you were always there. Something that made myself and our family glad to come home to.

When you began to cough, we all thought you were going to be ok. We never imagined it was your poor heart that was going to take us from you. I will never forget watching as you slipped away from me.

I only hope that you felt the kiss I laid upon your forehead after you took your last breath. I pray that there are dogs up in heaven , and that one day I will see you again. You are missed and loved by all of us.

With love and remembrance...Jen,Dad,Scott, and Chelsea

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