Chelsea was my Boxer who died on December 28th. She was a very special 11 year old dog. Of a champion line; fancy, brindle and beautiful. Although I only showed her once when she was a youngster (she came in second place), she did have a show name, Jacquet's Personality Plus. And the name fit. She was stoic and had an "alpha" personality. But oh so gentle with the people she loved and people who showed interest in her. She was a dog to be trusted with my family's children. She new nothing of violence and was the type of dog that when threatened would cry rather than bite.

I lived alone with her for all eleven years and she was my best friend and only companion. She was always there to greet me when I came home each day and I never felt alone. She loved me unconditionally and I could always count on her to make me feel good.

I spend much of my time with her and she was very attached to me. She hated being alone. It was a huge responsibility to have a dog in a studio apt in NYC, but what I got back was much greater. She kept me in shape by motivating me to walk and jog, even training with me for a marathon. Although it would sound silly to most people, I loved this dog as direct family and she loved me back.

I will miss her crying for cookies, play or to go out. I will especially miss the time we spent outside walking, playing and going into Central Park and Riverside Park.

If there is a God, I will see her again and we will run and play together in a large field in the Heavens with all my loved ones. She was the most significant being in my life. The good memories I have of her will always be there for me.

I Love You Chelsea and Will Never Forget You.

Your Master and Best Friend,


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