Bo & Magnum

I just recently had to put my dobie Bo down, she was 14 years old and suffering all the problems of a senior dog, and finally would no longer eat or stand, and I knew it was over.

I lost her brother almost exactly one year ago, and without either of them now, it is so quiet and empty. Its really true your heart can actually hurt from this pain, probably it just seems that way, but I feel this deep ache in my chest from her loss, and I know from losing her brother Magnum almost exactly one year ago, it will go away evidentually.

I had to put him down as he developed wobbler's disease and could not stand and fell again and again until one day I knew it was time. I prayed I would not be put to this test again, but I was, and again, had to drive that fateful drive to the vet, and tell her goodbye, and to look for her brother at the Rainbow Bridge.

Bo and Magnum were always together in life, so they should be in the after life, where I'm told there are always milkbones and grassy knolls to run and play, and no more pain.

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