Candace Erickson

May 10, 1991 - March 26, 2002

My best friend Candace was born on May 10, 1991. We met shortly after that, and she came to be mine on July 5. She was a little chubby Golden Retriever, that picked me out and i was blessed.

We were companions for almost 11 years, the first 7 of which, primarily were just the 2 of us. She was my little girl, my "Ace",and was always there for me, whether i was happy or sad.

I loved her dearly, and miss her immensely, but i am glad that she no longer has pain, is happy again, and i treasure the brief years that we had together. She was always happy, eager to learn, and happy to please.

Thank You Candace for making part of my life extra special. I miss you so much, and i look forward to the day when i only think of you with fond memories instead of sadness. We will meet again Ace, where everyone is happy.

Love Your Dad and Bestfriend, your Mom, Colin and Nicole

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