Darian Coulter passed away Friday February 22, 2002 in Kirkland, Washington. She was born in Idaho Springs, Colorado on November 19, 1997.

The closing minutes of the Broncos January 1998 playoff game in which Darien Gordon knocked down a pass to secure a win for the Broncos and financing for the purchase of my new puppy, also produced her name, Darian. Although Darien Gordon moved on to another team after the Super Bowl Victory, Darian Coulter remained a Bronco fan.

I watched her grow from the puppy who always seemed to be wearing some type of bandage, underwear, or cone to the young dog who never failed to impress others or me. She was my best friend in the truest sense. She loved unconditionally. She never judged. She was the first to the door when I got home and always the last to leave the window when I left.

Looking at her brought a smile to my face and a good feeling to my heart. Looking in her eyes always let me know that things would be OK. She was always there for me. She loved the company of people, whether it was a drive to the store, swimming at the park, hunting for birds, retrieving, or just sitting on the couch. She truly loved everyone she met and is loved and missed by so many.

I will never forget her and I will always love her.

Brad Coulter

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