Dillon came into my life on July 25,1986. I got to meet her the very next day. She had to be separated from the other pups at an early age due to ringworm, so I volunteered to take her home and doctor her up. I hadn't planned on keeping her, but she just stole my heart. We were together from that day on. She was my baby girl and we went through alot together.

She loved to chase the beam from a flashlight. She loved playing keep away with her toys. She enjoyed tugging at her leash when we went for a walk. And most of all, she loved talking. She talked so much she lost her bark. Everyone would ask what happened to her voice. I'd say, you only get so many barks in a lifetime and she's used hers all up.

My favorite memory was the day she ran away. I like to think of it as Dillon's Big Adventure. She loved to wander around the neighborhood, but would always find her way back home. Well, on this particular day, I guess she went too far and got lost. My husband and I called Animal Control and left a message that she was missing. Animal Control is located about a mile from our home. Well, they were out on a call, but when they returned, found Dillon sitting on their doorstep. She had turned herself in voluntarily and wanted their help.

When we got another dog, Domino, she was glad to have a buddy. He thought of her as his mama, and she definately was the Queen Bee.

As time passed, she slowly lost her eyesight to cataracts, her hearing faded, and her hip joints started to stiffen. But, she always hung in there and was a true fighter no matter what physical obstacles she faced.

February 19, 2002 was the day she took her last breathe. I held her in my arms and told her how much I loved her. For 15 1/2 years, she lived her life to the fullest and I thank her for sharing it with me.

I love you Dillon and always will. Until we meet again.

Pooka Mama

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