"Gretchen" -- "The great Weimaraner friend that I have never met but I am eternally grateful to."

Your Momma was grieving, depressed and lost without you when I met her. I believe she possibly loved you more than life; you were her 'darling' and she didn't know why you had to go. But "Onyx" has taken over your 'watch' for you now. I think you knew she would. I wonder if that was why you felt you could go. We still speak of you often, sometimes sadly - sometimes happily but even though your Momma has fallen in love again you will never, EVER be forgotten by either of us.

I am eternally grateful to you for coming into my life in your special 'grey way' and for sharing your Momma with me. Know that I will keep this promise to you: "Onyx" and I will watch over your Momma as you did during your 'watch' over her. I consider her my sister, my friend and my soul-mate. "Gretchen", I know that you, "Tex", "Nickel" and "Maddie" will continue to watch over us and guide us in your special 'grey way' forever. Saying 'Thank You' doesn't seem like enough --

Carol Mocan
Starshine Weims
(lucky 'sister' of Nancy Thurston and unknown friend of "Gretchen")

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