In Memory of Swish

Swish was with me for maybe three years but she taught me a a lot of things that I will never forget.

It was Friday, May 30, 1995, when she had to be put to sleep. I was on school vacation so my Mom, dad, brother, sister and I went camping but there was no room for Swish, a dobermentpincher. So we had to leave her home we were gone for two days and when we got back my Mom told my sister to go get Swish. My sister came back and said Swish couldn't walk so my dad carried her into the kitchen.

Swish was 12 so the vet said it would be best to put her to sleep so every morning for three days before I left for school I kissed Swish on the nose in case it was the last time I saw her. Finally on Friday, May 30 she was put to sleep.

I cried for three days until my Mom and dad bought me a new dog. I know that it was swish who sent her to me. Angel was beat, so in a way she needed me to help her trust again and I needed her to learn how to love again. So now in 2002 Angel is 9 and I know I am ready for when she passes because of Swish and the gift she sent me.

So I dedicate this to Swish with all my heart it's been eight years but I will never forget you, ever. I want to thank her for all of her love and for Angel. And I'm sorry for that day I got mad and called you mommy's princess in a negative way, I know now that you really, truly are a princess.

Love, With all of my heart forever,

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