Born March 13 1991 - Died May 3 2002

Cindy was a black American Cocker Spaniel of show quality who lived a petís life. She suffered from cataracts early on which took her sight slowly but completely by the time she was 4 years old. We taught her new commands that most dogs never need to learn- STEP - TURN - STOP - CAREFUL . She tripped over things and bumped into a lot of things over the years.

We learned not to rearrange the furniture or to leave stuff laying around. Her sense of smell was very acute. She loved to seek hidden dog biscuits as one of the few games she could still enjoy after the loss of her sight. She followed me everywhere, just wanting to be near someone at all times. I think Iíll miss her cold nose bumping into my leg the most.

Cindy loved Christmas and gladly helped to open any and all gifts. She love peanut butter sandwiches and always got that last bite when I was eating one. Cindy hated water (strange for a water spaniel) but she tolerated her baths which were always followed by the mad dash through the house and a roll on the carpet.

She made snorting sounds when she was content as if she was talking to you. Cindy was never a watch dog. She loved everyone she ever met and would gladly take visitors to the cupboard that held her dog treats. Her cataracts developed into glaucoma, a painful eye condition forcing us to make that difficult decision to send her to the Rainbow Bridge.

I know it was for the best but we miss her terribly. You were such a good girl, Cindy. Till we meet again.

Love Cathy, Paul, Matthew and your best friend, Heather

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