Late last night, my world came crashing down, Ella Fontaine, the Geareatric Dane , and forever foster-died from Bloat and Torsion- Everything was fine, then it wasnt-This beautful loving creature was attacked by her own body-we rushed to the ER clinic, but she was failing fast-They believe she also had a mass on her spleen-she was literally dying right in front of me-We opted to put her down, as the damage was so severe so quickly. She was in shock and they could not find any peripheal pulses on her-

This love of a Great Dane, this massive mushy faced dog, stole everyones heart who met her-There wasnt a person she didnt love, not a boo boo toy she wouldnt carry around like her baby. She was here, and in a moments notice gone-We had her 9 months-her owners took her to Chicago Animal Control to be PTS-they talked them into signing her over then called me-We had no doubt when we saw her, that she would be coming home with us.

Ella, my love, you were a shining star in my life-Although you were 9 years old, to me you will always be 9 years young. I didn't have time to tell you what you meant to me, I was robbed of the one last walk, the one last belly rub- I have no regrets, just a broken heart

Ella, Mama loves you-rest my love....til we meet again

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